Name Jade
Location US
Birthday July 12th
Sign Cancer
trust yourself
hello my name is jade! i am a 24 year old doglady and this is my side account for my kinfeels, mental health needs and memory collectives.

im kin with jade harley in the sense that i am jade. shes me. were each other :P since this is a side account im not really looking for canonmates. im also an adult and would prefer no minors follow me, thank you. jade is my only kin.

ive previous kinned with constellations and wolves. as you can see i believe i was just discovering a part of myself i had not figured out yet. i am a practicing witch and neopagan, i am cisgender and my pronouns are she/her. i have a memory page here. you are free to hit me up if any of these sound familiar to you but as a warning once again i am not really looking for canonmates.

i will... come up with other stuff to put here eventually @_@